Host Employer

The students’ work placements are mutually beneficial to both the students and the host organisations in many ways. The work placement students will provide extra assistance to the projects that host organisations are running. At the same time, it is a great way to test out potential future employees.

Charter Australia receives very positive feedback from our host organisations that the student work placement program are contributing to their team dynamics and impacted positively on their staff engagement.

Call us on 02-9955 5881 or fill in below webform, our Work Placement Coordinator will be in touch with you.


Work placement is a mandatory component of almost all qualification courses provided by Charter Australia. Some short courses, for example HLTHPS 007 Administer and monitor medication, also requires assessment tasks that must be performed at a real workplace. 

Charter Australia has long-standing and far-reaching relationships with many reputable aged care service providers in the field of student work placement and we make work placement arrangements for all of our enrolled students.

Students are encouraged to initiate contacts with employers to explore opportunities. Student generated work placement must be approved by the Program Coordinator to ensure appropriateness before committing to a work placement.

Work Placement FAQ

Yes, however, your job role must cover:
    • Facilitate the empowerment of older people
    • Support independence and well-being for the client  
    • Provide support to people living with dementia
    • Meet personal support need
    • Provide home and community support services 
Yes, but you will need approval from Charter Australia. Please contact
Feel free to contact your trainer and work placement coordinator via email or ring (02) 9955 5881 within business hours to seek help from student support staff.