Student Testimonial – Masami Murata

Student Testimonial – Masami Murata

I was a nurse in Japan for 5years. I spent two months in Australia on 2018 to see if I could live here by myself, and then I came again on a working holiday visa from February 2019.

I found out about Charter Australia through a friend, and I could feel the nice atmosphere from the school and the staff, so I decided to enrol.

I was anxious about the classes because I thought that my English was not good enough. However, during the course I had many opportunities to communicate with other students, my classmates inspired me whenever I felt sad, we were able to share our feelings and cheered each other up to do our best. There were Japanese, Nepali, Filipino and Australians in the class. I was surrounded by people of many nationalities, and they helped me with the English when I needed to understand the assignments. Completing the assignment made me feel like I was improving my English.

Most teachers are a qualified RN in Australia, attending University, and they also currently work as an RN. I could learn from professional teachers and obtain plenty of knowledge. Furthermore, I could even gain knowledge about the differences between an RA and AIN as well as the requirements of being an RN.

When I graduated from the school, they helped introduce me to a workplace.

Masami Murata