Placement Test

Placement Test

Placement Test

You can do the placement test at any time or place. You can even do it before you arrive in Australia.

Charter Language School uses a placement test to ensure you go into the English class that best suits your level. You don’t want your class to be too easy or too difficult. Your class should be challenging enough so that you’re able to learn plenty of new things every day.

The placement test consists of the following items:

  • A reading task
  • A writing task

  • A listening task (watch a video and answer questions)

  • A speaking task (talk about a topic for 90 seconds, using the microphone on your device)

You can do the placement test anywhere, using your computer or your phone. Just make sure you’re in a quiet place when you do the listening and speaking parts. The test should take about 40 minutes. After you submit your test, you’ll get a result with feedback in one or two days.

To do the placement test online, go to:

NOTE: To do the placement test, you must use the full URL, including 'https://'.

Not everyone needs to do a placement test. If you already have an English exam score from IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or Cambridge, we can use it to choose the most appropriate class for you. Please send us a copy of your English language result.