Free Activities

Free Activities

Free Activities

Charter Australia offers a range of exciting activities outside the normal curriculum. These activities are not only fun, but also broaden your knowledge of Australia and give you new opportunities to practise authentic English.

Guests are welcome to attend! You do not need to be enrolled in our school.

Note: Activities will run according to demand, once a sufficient number of attendees are confirmed.

Check out Charter Australia's Facebook Page for the latest schedule.

Pronunciation Workshops

When you improve your pronunciation, you'll unlock more confidence and speak better. Our pronunciation workshops will focus on the difficult sounds of English, as well as stress, rhythm and intonation.

Survival English Workshops

In these workshops we really focus on real-life speaking. Practise using your English to deal with difficult situations in social and community life, such as requesting information or making complaints.

Resume & Cover Letter Workshops

Develop the skills to help you land a great job in Australia. Get tips on writing a great resume/CV. Learn how to construct an awesome cover letter. Remember, the aim of a resume and cover letter are to land an interview.

Job-Seeking Workshops

Practise job interview role plays and sharpen your interview skills. Learn about some of the common questions employers will ask, and find out what kind of things you should and shouldn't say.

Aussie Slang

Have you ever chucked a sickie? Ever gone down to the bottle-O to pick up a slab of VB? Or been bitten by a mozzie? If you know what these mean, then good onya, mate! Have some fun, learn some Aussie slang, impress your Aussie mates.

Life in Australia

What makes Australia unique? We'll explore different aspects of life in Australia, such lifestyle, culture, and more. 

English for Customer Service

These workshops develop your customer service skills and your ability to communicate with people in the workplace. You will also learn some common vocabulary and idioms that are used in the Australian workplace.

Telephone English

Speaking English on the telephone can be challenging, and it often makes people nervous. In this workshop, we will help you become a more confident speaker on the telephone.

Café English

Practise your English conversation skills in a relaxed and informal setting. We may have a chat in the college, or we may venture out to a local café or pub.

Check out Charter Australia's Facebook Page for the latest schedule.