Change Management Fundamentals

Change Management Fundamentals

Change Management Fundamentals

An intensive short course focusing on planning and implementing change effectively

At a Glance:
  • Fees: $418 (GST inclusive)
  • Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, ACT, Adelaide
  • Duration: 1-day workshop
  • In-house delivery: Available
  • Government funding: Open for application for group training, please call 02-9955 5881 to enquire. Government funding for NSW residents and organisations only.

On this page:


The Change Management Fundamentals workshop is designed to equip participants with the essential change management skills, knowledge and techniques necessary to handle today’s highly volatile and progressive workplace environment. This course is most suitable for managerial personnel and project managers from all organisations and industries.

This one-day intensive course provides a thorough introduction to the fundamental elements of change management. It provides students with the capability to plan and  implement change in the external and internal environment. Students will become familiar with the major concepts of change management theory, and will gain a comprehensive understanding of best practice methods and strategies to manage change in their workplace.

Who Should Attend?

​Existing or aspiring managerial personnel or project managers who are likely to be involved in the management of change within their organisation in the future, and want to understand and be able to apply best practice methods to deliver or manage such changes. 

Why Should You Attend?
  • To learn the essential managerial skills of managing change
  • To learn how to apply best practice methods in implementing or managing change
  • To learn how to overcome common barriers to change
  • To learn how to encourage other employees to accept, commit, and promote change
  • To understand the importance of effective change management procedures
  • To improve your employability for management-specific positions
  • To learn to encourage an adaptive workplace culture within your organisation, and to simultaneously reject a stagnant workplace culture

Course Fees

​Total fee: $418  (GST inclusive), payable on commencement. The total fee includes course fees, administration fees, and all course materials (listed under training resources in this brochure).

Government funding: Open for application for group training, please call 02-9955 5881 to enquire. For NSW residents and organisations only.

Course Delivery

One day of classroom training, 9am – 4.30pm, with 60 minutes break in total for morning tea, afternoon tea, and lunch.

Course Structure

This course is structured to include a mix of change management theory, as well as best practice change management methods, strategies and procedures. Specifically, students will learn:

  • Reasons why business organisations must participate in effective change procedures
  • Planning for organisational change
  • Common barriers to workplace change
  • Methods of overcoming resistance to change
  • Different change procedures and cycles
  • Leadership attributes that support effective change
  • Methods of encouraging others to accept and commit to change
  • Strategies that enable monitoring and evaluation of change

Training Resources

​Students will be provided with a comprehensive Change Management workbook upon arrival. All topics in this workshop will be covered in the workbook.

Presented by Charter Australia

​Charter Australia is a specialist in the fields of change management and project management education. 

The Facilitator

The course is facilitated by Madeleine Pathe, Charter Australia’s Program Director of Project Management. Madeleine Pathe’s glowing reputation as an insightful, engaging, and highly knowledgeable Project Management Trainer is a result of her immensely successful and expansive career in both professional training and project management. Prior to her training career, Madelaine was a Senior Project Manager for a variety of large corporate organisations, including Commonwealth Bank, Siemens, and Westpac. As a distinguished project manager in her own right, Madeleine has also taken on a number of Project Management consultancy positions for other firms. 

Madeleine has provided a wide range of project management training to students from a variety of industries, such as mining, engineering and IT, as well as those from community-based and not-for-profit backgrounds. Madeleine is well-known for her insightful training delivery, which stems from the depth and extensiveness of her project management expertise.  Madeleine has an Advanced Diploma of Project Management, as well as a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. She is a Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD) with the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), an AIPM Assessor, and a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

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