Charter’s proudly multicultural student community on display

Charter’s proudly multicultural student community on display

Charter's proudly multicultural student community on display

By Ming Chen | Nov 17, 2022

“CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People” is a unit of competency taught as part of
many courses at Charter and prepares students with the skills and knowledge that is
required to work closely and respectfully with people from the diverse social and
cultural groups that make up multicultural Australia. Charter sees this as a crucial
element of all our training, as our students will soon be working with aged patients
from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, whose special needs they will then better

A class of students from the Individual and Ageing Support Certificate course recently
decided to put into action what they were learning in this unit, holding a Cultural
Festival at our school in North Sydney CBD.

Our main training room was instantly turned into a vibrant multicultural community.
Encouraged by their trainer, Adrian Domingo, who also acted as the community Mayor
representing the Philippine community, students from the class showcased four other
unique cultures - China, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

Students in each cultural group presented the countries that they represented using a
combination of illustrated video presentations about the history, culture, population,
economy and important cultural beliefs and festivals.

For the hungry guests, no doubt the high point was the food that had been prepared
by each group, to illustrate the cuisine of each country. There was (包子) Baozi from
China, Tumpeng nasi kuning from Indonesia which we learned was only prepared once
a year or for important festivals, papaya salad from Thailand prepared while we
watched and kangaroo and fish&chips From Australia


The festival was voted a great success, which was illustrated by the fact that there was
very little food left at the end of the night!