Wendy Su

Course: CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support (CRICOS Code: 097489A)


My teacher is very enthusiastic and considerate, very patient to teach and lead, making classes enjoyable and easy to understand. Through the Certificate III in Individual Support, you can understand the needs of the elderly. In the future, when you get older, you can understand which places need special attention.

This course makes think differently about my life, giving me more empathy and how to make yourself more meaningful when you are young.

Our teacher is like a friend and it does not feel like the teacher is high and the student is in the lower position.

In the work placement I can operate the machine to help the patient. The teacher will lead the way, showing how to do it step by step. This makes me feel very good and confident when doing work.

I choose Charter because the price is reasonable and fair, there will be practical operation in class, and they can find an institution to do work placement. I can also easily find a Chinese speaker among the staff to help me, which makes me feel more at ease.